Al Rayhaan American School

Founding Teachers and Staff

Al Rayhaan American School

Opening September 2016

Global Services in Education (GSE), a leading international school operator, is seeking founding teachers and staff for the opening of Al Rayhaan American School, Ramallah, Palestine. The school is set to open in September 2016.

Academic Positions include:

  • PYP IB Coordinator (bilingual preferred)
  • KG1 and KG2 Teachers
  • Grade 1 to 5 Homeroom Teachers
  • Music Teacher
  • Art Teacher
  • PE Teacher
  • Arabic Teachers
  • Islamic Teachers

Only qualified teachers will be considered for the above positions.

Application procedures: See below

Non Academic Positions include:

  • Business/Administration Manager
  • Marketing and Student Admissions
  • Human Resources
  • Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Secretary, Reception and General Administration
  • Maintenance, Cleaning and Operational Support
  • Drivers – Bus and Car
  • Other staff, as required.

Only bilingual staff will be considered for the above positions.

Application procedures: See below

GSE Teacher/Staff Profile

A willingness to learn from others is at the heart of all GSE faculties. We are a highly collaborative community made up of individuals who respect each other and exhibit a willingness to explore the process of building, implementing, evaluating, and revising programs. Coaching and mentoring are attributes of GSE staff and both are infused inside and outside the classroom. GSE staff are encouraged to foster a reflective environment and share teaching methods, materials, and assessment techniques with a whole-child perspective.

About the School:

Opening in 2016, Al Rayhaan American School is set to become Palestine’s premier international school. We will offer a kindergarten through grade 12 program based on an American core curriculum with plans to achieve International Baccalaureate Accreditation.

We will take pride in becoming the first choice educational institution for students in the region. We are committed to a program that reflects both our school community’s high expectations for academic rigor and a commitment to service leadership through deep connections to the Palestinian community.

We are also deeply committed to our mission, which encourages all students to pursue their dreams, achieve academic success and build relationships on a global scale that foster peace, understanding and international mindedness.

Our Mission Statement

Al Rayhaan American School inspires in all students:

  • A commitment to academic rigor and lifelong learning
  • A value in relationships that reflect peace, understanding and international mindedness
  • The courage to pursue dreams

Our Core Values

We believe that:

  • Embracing diversity and understanding difference enriches individuals and communities
  • Acts of compassion and generosity of spirit create a better world
  • When individuals take responsibility for their own decisions, they are empowered to make positive impact
  • Each individual has both the value and the potential to contribute to our global society and build a better future
  • Collaboration and teamwork is essential to meeting complex challenges and achieving common goals
  • Integrity is the foundation of enduring relationships, quality organizations and well-functioning communities
  • As global citizens we have a duty to care for the environment and build a sustainable future for our next generation
  • Innovation, critical thinking and a lifelong passion for learning are essential to meeting challenges of the present and the future.
  • Authentic and meaningful connections between the school and its communities build better futures for all stakeholders

About the Positions:

The positions of founding teachers and staff will have the unique opportunity to lead the creation of a an American International School with a Mission and Vision that will shape standards and change for education not only in the Palestinian community but in the wider Middle East Region. Opening in phase one with Grades KG to Grade 5 the teachers will be reponsibile for developing a staff and curriculum that aims for PYP accreditation as well as accreditation by a premier American Accreditation body. The school will grow organically with phase two opening in years 3-5 with a middle school, grades 6-9 and the high school, grades 10-12. The school’s capacity will reach 2200 students.

Preferred qualities of the founding teachers and staff:


  • Interacts with others with respect and equality
  • Communicates thoughtfully to everyone
  • Reflects
  • Reads subtleties and acts appropriately
  • Speaks honestly with purpose and intent
  • Articulates and incorporates personal and school philosophies


  • Facilitates discussion
  • Models teamwork and decision-making
  • Demonstrates flexibility
  • Eagerly shares ideas and thoughts on curricula, students, parents and professional issues
  • Supports others professionally


  • Reflects, assesses, plans and implements a process in order to achieve and extend goals for each student, the class and him/herself
  • Challenges individual students by setting high expectations
  • Inspires each student to go beyond his/her self-imposed limits
  • Promotes complex thinking by asking probing questions
  • Supports students with specific and constructive feedback


  • Integrates ideas across thematic curricula
  • Invests in emergent curricula
  • Models discovery and inspires others to questions
  • Celebrates “the well-built hypothesis”
  • Reveals possibilities
  • Embraces and continues his/her own learning process

Creates Balance

  • Considers the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of each student
  • Supports diverse learning styles
  • Enriches and individualizes the learning process
  • Creates a safe and supportive environment while promoting exploration, discovery and risk-taking

Application Procedures:

  • Founding teachers will begin the planning, orientation and induction program in the month of August 2016.
  • Founding staff will be appointed, as required . Some positions will begin immediately.

Applicants should submit the following materials to [email protected]:

  1. A letter of application outlining your educational philosophy, strengths and professional and personal interests. (max 2 pages)
  2. A current curriculum vitae (max 2 pages)
  3. A professional photo
  4. A list of at least three referees with current telephone numbers and email addresses.