GSE and New Nordic

Global Services in Education (GSE) is pleased to announce its partnership with New Nordic School (NNS). The partnership allows both companies to join forces in transforming learning across schools in Asia. The market is hungry for new educational systems that bring innovative and future-ready learning to students and teachers. GSE’s Co-founder and Managing Partner, Shanna Parry, shares:

“We are delighted to be partnering with New Nordic School and we look forward to taking their new and innovative curriculum into Asia. The curriculums values of being bold, of collaboration, of empowerment and of innovation certainly fits in well with us at Global Services in Education and displays an education philosophy representative of this modern and ever changing world in which children are growing up in. As many in the education environment are aware, the Finnish Curriculum is being praised the world over for its quality of education, and we are excited to help transform learning in new and existing schools around the world.”

Through the Nordic Baccalaureate curriculum, innovative pedagogy, and Smart Learning Platform, licensed and managed schools across Asia will be able to provide personalized and purposeful learning that has the Finnish National Core Curriculum at its core. NNS’ Chief Education Officer, Stephen Cox says:

“Asia is at the beginning of a huge mindset shift in moving away from rigorous standardized tests to more competency- and skills-based education. Parents are dreaming for better and more personalized education that gives their children the skills and mindset to flourish in the unknown future. This is the start of the transformational journey to change and we are excited to have GSE as our partner in promoting New Nordic School and Finnish education while taking our partner school network to the next level.”

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