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Our Team

Governed by a philosophy of global citizenship, every member of the GSE team shares a passion to help shape international education and student achievement through inspiration and collaboration.
Our goal is to meet the highest objectives of every school, teacher, student and parent, with an unwavering dedication to quality education, shared ideals and intercultural perspectives.

Board of Directors

Shanna Parry (formerly Shanna Mack)

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Even from the outset of her career Shanna Parry was recognized as a rising star, renowned for outstanding achievements both as an educational leader and author of engaging, innovative curricula. Combining her passions for teaching, training and travel, she has since worked throughout the USA, Middle East, India and China serving as a director (Higher Education), headmaster (Secondary School) and consultant (K-12). Shanna brings a wealth of experience in a variety of critical areas.

In 2018 Shanna was identified as rank #10 in the Education category for Global Gurus among some of the worlds leading Education experts including Sir Ken Robinson, Eric Jensen, John Hattie and Robert J Marzano.

Shanna continues to travel extensively to meet the demands for her consulting expertise in administrative and teacher development, curriculum writing and language programs. Shanna has consistently delivered exceptional results for increasing and improving student achievement in all key areas, including language development, reading profiency and writing skills.

In her role as Managing Partner of GSE she plays a key role in the day-to-day operations as well as pioneering creative models for international schools and proving groundbreaking training methods for directors, administrators, teachers, and students.

Greg Parry

Co-Founder and CEO

Internationally renowned for his expertise in education leadership, Greg Parry's vast experience includes high-level positions with secondary and vocational institutions throughout Australia, the Middle East, the United States, India and China. A robust leader and dedicated educator, Greg's various positions at these institutes of learning include: CEO, director, headmaster and consultant. Recognized for his numerous contributions in the education arena, Greg has received the Ministers Award for Excellence in School Leadership based on improvements in school performance and a range of successful principal training and leadership development programs, as well as the School of Excellence Award for Industry/School Partnerships and the School of Excellence Award for Technology Innovation.

Considered one of the premier experts in his profession, Greg has trained teachers and principals throughout the world in areas such as critical thinking, language development and leadership. His expertise in school start up projects, leadership and curriculum development, has made him a sought after authority in these disciplines.

Don Henson

Director of Education, Malaysia

Don has spent the last 20 years working in international education, acquiring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the process. He began his career as an ESL/Academic English instructor, quickly moving into areas of leadership in that field and others. Over the years, he has served in a variety of capacities, including: Corporate Department Head for the largest private instructional provider in Thailand; Director of Studies for joint-educational ventures between Australian and Chinese universities; Center Director for university language programs in the US; and Education Manager for the leading Business English provider in South Korea.

As a certified examiner for both IELTS and TOEFL exams, Don possesses expert skills in the areas of student testing and placement. In addition, he has a proven track record of providing high-quality teacher training through his many presentations, workshops, and one-to-one mentoring. He still enjoys his first love - teaching - whenever time permits.

Don's enterprises have taken him from the US to China, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand - and his travels extend to nearly 30 other countries. He is honored and excited to be currently based in Kuala Lumpur.

Senior Advisors

Steve Reissig


As a dual Australian-British Citizen, Steve Reissig offers rich international experience and leadership agility. He is a leading education mentor with a unique ability to develop and implement strategic initiatives across a range of areas.

Steve has led several education projects in Australia and across the Middle East, working on behalf of institutions, NGOs and governments worldwide. He specializes in change management, performance improvement and has a proven track record in maximizing student achievement.

Steve is a proactive, positive and highly committed advisor with international educational reform, growth and transformation expertise.

Brent Werry

Executive Consultant

Brent Werry holds a Masters Degree in Educational Management and has rich experience in education start-up projects across a variety of areas, specialising in International Early Childhood Education, Operation Management, Construction Management and Design, Marketing Strategy and Media.

Brent has worked as the Director for a top International Early Childhood Education Institution in China, overseeing campuses throughout China and also on the Leadership Team for a top level K-12 International School. Brent has achieved awards in both his construction projects and education work.

Byron Chen

Executive Consultant

Byron Chen is a specialist in developing and implementing international curriculum programs throughout China. He has led large-scale projects including school groups delivering the International Baccalaureate program and American AP programs.

Nick Burnett

Executive Consultant

Nick Burnett has led educational projects in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Jamaica, Tanzania, the U.K. and U.S. He is an international expert in special education, educational psychology, behavior support, leadership coaching, training and development.

Stewart Saint-David

Executive Consultant

Stewart Saint-David is a graduate of Harvard University and is a published author with specialist expertise in education leadership, language development and curriculum design, in China, Europe and South America.

Kingsley Wray

Executive Consultant

A graduate of Cambridge University, Kingsley Wray is an expert in UK A Levels curriculum and has led projects in the Middle East, China and UK. He specializes in school performance and curriculum development.