International education, school management and leadership experts – International business and investment experts.

Utilizing our expertise in all matters relating to the day-to-day operations, curriculum, and consultancy, we are able to provide superior school management and related services to investors, school groups, owners, boards, and administrators.
Because each school is unique in its specific issues and needs, (and even these vary from year to year), our specialized team of professionals are constantly updating and modernizing their knowledge base to ensure the highest level of proficiency to fully meet our client’s needs. Managing international schools in several different countries (America, Australia, Africa, China, India, Myanmar and the Middle East), we have successfully negotiated virtually every conceivable combination of interactions with positive outcomes all-around.

Our team of experts will work with you and your staff to create a plan of action ideally suited to your needs and the issues you are facing, all within the context of your stated mission and school philosophy.

Whether you need direct leadership and management of an institution, advisory support, training in corporate governance or developing a strategic plan, the GSE School Management Team can move your institution in a positive direction.

GSE have a comprehensive international school franchise model that ensures success.

school management



Depending on your situation and requirements, our team can provide any or all of the following school management services:

  • Curriculum design, implementation and development
  • Accreditation leadership including IBO, Cambridge, EdExcel, CIS and many others
  • Assessment
  • Strategic planning
  • Policies, procedures and systems
  • Recruitment and selection of human resources
  • Professional development, training and support
  • Direct leadership of school operations as well as mentoring, coaching and support

Because of our specialized experience in this field, operating schools in the United States, Australia, India, China, Myanmar and the Middle East, we are often able to propose cost-effective school management solutions specifically designed to best suit and benefit you. An international school franchise balances the priorities of education and business expertise within unique cultural contexts.

Our key priorities for new projects include:

KSA – Saudi Arabia

UAE – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar

Bahrain – Manama

Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and other areas






Central-West Africa (Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Nigeria)



South America