Setting Up Schools

GSE’s worldwide family of schools attest to our experience, expertise, and success in establishing educational institutions that meet or exceed international standards.

Collectively and individually, our uniquely qualified team of experts has extensive experience in all levels of education from early education, elementary, and secondary to vocational, university and corporate training environments in most regions of the world.

Additionally, our worldwide network of established and reliable professionals means that GSE is effectively a “one-stop-shop” from concept to completion. Our proven record reflects a determined investment in people, systems and support structures.

setting up schools

Personalized Approach:

Our consultants provide service and support from feasibility studies through to management and leadership of international schools of all curriculum backgrounds, K-12 and beyond, in all regions of the world.

Our services include:

  • Feasibility study (New schools or buying a school)
  • Business and development plan
  • Project management including:
    • Conceptual building design and review to maximize learning
    • Curriculum
    • Staffing and recruitment
    • Organization and accountability structures
    • Infrastructure and resources
    • I.T. infrastructure
    • Marketing and promotions
    • Admissions
  • Operation and Management

The Power of Curriculum

 Ultimately, the success or failure of a school is directly tied to student success in learning. Even with every other element neatly in place (beautiful campus, highly qualified instructors, progressive leadership), without a robust curriculum all other external measurements of success are mute.

One of the most essential contributions we make, is through a collaborative effort in building a challenging and relevant curriculum that is a direct reflection of your school’s philosophy and goals.

Based on our collective years of experience, best practices research, and the most current information available, we will help you create an engaging core curriculum designed to inspire students to reach their fullest potential.

GSE has extensive experience working with all major curriculums including, but not limited to:

International Baccalaureate

UK Curriculum

US Curriculum

Australian Curriculum

Finnish Curriculum (GSE are proud partners of New Nordic School)

Virtual and Online Schooling

*GSE design and write specialist curriculum for a range of purposes.



Building or Rebuilding

Whether you’re launching a new school, or re-evaluating an existing curriculum, staff, or administration, GSE’s team of proven professionals can guide the way to success.

From the ground up, or a top to bottom makeover, we have the tools, experience, and people to guide you every step of the way!