Learning is a lifetime pursuit, something most successful professionals recognize and act upon. That’s why an essential component of the services we provide at Global Services in Education, Ltd. includes on-going training and professional development in a broad range of subjects.

Corporate training for companies and corporations as well as teacher training and development for international schools.

Our world-class consultants have been recruited based not only on their experience and expertise, but also a proven record of success in sharing this knowledge. Dynamic instruction includes imparting powerful tools and mentoring that ensures successful implementation of learned skills.

Our Signature Program:

TDP: Teacher Development Program

What if I told you every teacher can be a great teacher?
What if I told you that training teachers with the “teach them everything at once” model was never going to work?

I think most of you would doubt the first statement and believe the second….after all, not every teacher today is a great teacher and the strategies learned in professional development don’t always make their way into the classroom.

But wait……there is a NEW and BETTER and DIFFERENT way to develop excellent teachers!

  • A year-long teacher training program that DEVELOPS teachers.
  • Each month teaches a different topic for teachers to master and practice in their classrooms.
  • Introducing one new skill per month allows more time and focus for purposeful implementation and true mastery in the classroom.

A Partial List of Specialist Education Courses:

  • Brain Research: How Students Learn
  • Analyzing Data and Maximizing Student Performance
  • Engaging Students in Meaningful Learning
  • Critical Thinking
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Effective Curriculum Design, Reform and Improvement
  • Quality-Based Assessment Models
  • Performance Review and Evaluation
  • Creating an Inspiring School Culture

A Partial List of Available Corporate Training:

Our Global Leadership Program (GLP) is designed to offer a flexible, context-based, learning program that develops leadership skills and supports career development within complex international environments.  Within the GLP program framework, there are 11 modules for you to choose from, but then we highly customise the program to suit your needs. Your choice of modules may be based on either your interest in a particular subject matter or your priority to target key areas of organisational performance.

  • Authentic Leadership – Character, values and integrity that maximises performance
  • Strategic Thinking – Thinking and planning ahead of the game
  • Communication – Making a difference on both ends of a communication pathway
  • Interpersonal Skills – How to win colleagues and partnerships
  • Leading Ethical Systems – Developing an organisational culture that brings results
  • Managing Stakeholder – Relationships – The extended team and how to engage and improve it
  • Leading Self and Others – A personalised plan that influences all
  • Making Decisions with Data – Data-driven decisions that deliver high performance
  • Leading for High Performance – Defining and delivering quality
  • Building Leadership Capacity – Creating a culture that accelerates success
  • Managing Staff Performance  – Dealing with poor performance

How do we deliver? Our signature programs range from one-day to one-week programs as well as weekend retreats. We also offer long-term development programs that include audits, programs and mentoring for long-term sustainable change. By choosing the relevant modules and us planning the program with your specific context and needs in mind, we deliver results; we deliver increased performance

Our corporate expertise includes specialist knowledge and skills in leadership, organisational culture, change management and human behaviours. We have a reputation for developing people who can accelerate positive change in an organisation.

Our education expertise includes early years, primary/elementary, middle years and all major curriculums in the senior years (UK, USA, Australia, IBO). Experience in vocational and higher education level institutions make our consultants global leaders in all facets of education and training.

Fully recognised language teaching certification, recognised by all countries of the world

Children’s Certificate

(Fully Accredited and Certified)

(5 days: 4 days workshop (30 – 35 hrs) + 1 day exam + 120+ hrs of independent online Study)

Price: $1500 USD

Advanced Certificate

(Fully Accredited and Certified)

(5 days: 4 days workshop (35 – 40 hrs) + 1 day exam + independent Study)

Price: $2100 USD

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