Congratulations! You have been invited to interview. Now what?

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of books out there offering advice on how to land a job. But teaching is not just a job and the interview process is unlike any other. Books that coach you to memorize pithy answers or play a role will not serve you well if you want to land a quality position with a well-respected school.

A+ Interviewing for Educators is not just a laundry list of questions and canned responses, but a thoughtful plan-of-action, written by two highly-qualified educators who have sat on both sides of the interview table. Because of their unique combination of experience, the authors are able to offer a glimpse into the interviewers psyche helping you prepare not just good responses, but an understanding of what he/she is looking for. They also walk you through the interview process, including potential pitfalls as well as opportunities to shine. Areas covered include: personal philosophy, dealing with parents, leadership style, student engagement, special-needs students and dealing with stress.

Another unique aspect of this popular publication, is how it accurately and helpfully addresses the special circumstances surrounding interviewing with an international school. You’re probably thinking, “I’ve interviewed any number of times, what more do I need to know?” Keep in mind, once you’ve made the choice to go international your thinking must follow. Many of the rules of interviewing you think you’ve mastered may no longer apply.

If you are serious about teaching, this is the one book that will help you land that dream job. And, for those who are considering international opportunities, there’s a special section dedicated to that unique situation.

Packed with insider tips and expert advice, A+ Interviewing for Educators is the single best way to ensure walking into that next interview with confidence, prepared to accept an offer!


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