Royal International College – Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Looking for Founding Principal, Teachers and Staff

Royal International College

Opening September 2022

Global Services in Education (GSE), a leading international school operator, is seeking a founding Principal, teachers and staff for the opening of Royal International College, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. The school is set to open in September 2022 to a cohort of primary school students before expanding year on year to become a fully fledged K – 13 international school.

Royal International College is a GSE managed school in partnership with the Royal International College Board of Governors in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. An immediate vacancy exists for an experienced Principal.

The school is already planning both Cambridge and IB accreditation and has an exciting vision to bring the highest standards of education to Equatorial Guinea.

Founding Principal Position:

The Position:

We seek a strong, flexible and adaptable leader with first hand experience of leading an international school with experience of international curriculums such as IB and/or Cambridge. The position will report directly to GSE, the management team at the school.

Essential Qualities:

Strong Curriculum Background and Experience.

Experience in delivering high quality teaching programs.

Experience working in a school start up and an understanding of the cultural and environmental context of Western Africa.

Immediate start.

Academic Positions include:
  • Kindergarten/Nursery Teachers
  • Homeroom Teachers for Year 1 through to Year 6
  • Music Teacher
  • Art Teacher
  • PE Teacher
  • Teaching Assistants

Only qualified, English speaking teachers will be considered for the above positions.

Non Academic Positions include positions in the following areas:
  • Marketing & Admissions
  • Human Resources
  • Information, Communication & Technology (ICT)
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Secretary, Reception and General Administration
  • Maintenance, Cleaning and Operational Support

Only bilingual staff will be considered for the above positions.

GSE Teacher/Staff Profile

A willingness to learn from others is at the heart of all GSE faculties. We are a highly collaborative community made up of individuals who respect each other and exhibit a willingness to explore the process of building, implementing, evaluating, and revising programs. Coaching and mentoring are attributes of GSE staff and both are infused inside and outside the classroom. GSE staff are encouraged to foster a reflective environment and share teaching methods, materials, and assessment techniques with a whole-child perspective.

About the School:

Opening in 2022, Royal International College, aims to be the leading choice for education in Equatorial Guinea. The school will offer high quality Kindergarten to Year 13 international education allowing students to shape their futures and offer pathways of success to the best universities across the world.

Our teaching and learning will provide our students with subject knowledge and academic rigour but in addition, it equips them with the relevant future skills and understanding of why they are learning the things they do. We support learners to focus on wellbeing and learning to develop a balanced, well purposed and disciplined character. We ensure students have access to a wide range of experiences and are prepared well for a broad range of future-driven career pathways.

The school will become a Cambridge International Examinations school as well as achieve International Baccalaureate accreditation in order to offer the highest standards and curriculum for all to all students.

Our Mission:

Royal International College mission is to:

“Develop the next generation of future global leaders through a foundation of core values and good character as a foundation for success.”

Our Core Values

Be Happy.

When we are happy we excel. Enjoy what you do.

Be Courageous.

We are not perfect. Take risks, make mistakes, and learn from them.

Be Innovative.

Creativity is at the core of everything we do. Employ creativity to forge original solutions.

Be Collaborative.

We believe the best results are reached by collaborating. Respect and trust yourself and others to achieve common goals.

Empower & Lead Others.

When empowered, you make things happen. Generate confidence in everyone to shape their future.

Good Character Traits:


When our beliefs match our actions, whether alone or when others are watching.


Telling the truth consistantly and without waver.


Allegiance and support to others at all times.

Self Sacrifice

Taking actions that will satisfy the needs of others first and our own needs second.

Self Control

The ability to choose to do things we should, and refrain from doing the things we shouldn’t.

About the Positions:

The positions of founding Principal, teachers and staff will have the unique opportunity to lead the creation of the first internationally accredited international school in Equatorial Guinea with a Mission and Vision that will shape standards and change education not only in the Equatorial Guinea community but in the wider West African school market. Opening to Kindergarten to Year 6, the Principal and teachers will be responsible for developing a staff and curriculum international accreditation. The school will grow organically over the next few years until capacity is reached.

Preferred qualities of the Principal, Teachers and Staff.

  • Interacts with others with respect and equality
  • Communicates thoughtfully to everyone
  • Reflects
  • Reads subtleties and acts appropriately
  • Speaks honestly with purpose and intent
  • Articulates and incorporates personal and school philosophies
  • Facilitates discussion
  • Models teamwork and decision-making
  • Demonstrates flexibility
  • Eagerly shares ideas and thoughts on curricula, students, parents and professional issues
  • Supports others professionally
  • Reflects, assesses, plans and implements a process in order to achieve and extend goals for each student, the class and him/herself
  • Challenges individual students by setting high expectations
  • Inspires each student to go beyond his/her self-imposed limits
  • Promotes complex thinking by asking probing questions
  • Supports students with specific and constructive feedback
  • Integrates ideas across thematic curricula
  • Invests in emergent curricula
  • Models discovery and inspires others to questions
  • Celebrates “the well-built hypothesis”
  • Reveals possibilities
  • Embraces and continues his/her own learning process
Creates Balance
  • Considers the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of each student
  • Supports diverse learning styles
  • Enriches and individualizes the learning process
  • Creates a safe and supportive environment while promoting exploration, discovery and risk-taking

Application Procedure:

  • The Founding Principal will begin as soon as possible.
  • Founding teachers will begin the planning and inducation programme in the month of August 2022.
  • Founding Staff will be appointed, as required. Some positions will begin immediately.

Application Submission must include:

  • A letter of application outlining your educational philosophy, strengths and professional & personal interests. (max 2-pages)
  • A current Curriculum Vitae (max 2-pages)
  • A professional photo
  • A list of at least 3 referees with current telephone numbers and email addresses.

All documents should be submitted to the following: 

[email protected]