GSE is excited about the new opportunity we have to bring a dream and vision to life for a new school in Equatorial Guinea.

Equatorial Guinea, or EG for short, is a country not well known to some. Let’s start with a brief introduction.

Equatorial Guinea is located on the central west coast of Africa. It includes Río Muni , on the continent, and five islands: Bioko (formerly Fernando Po), Corisco, Great Elobey (Elobey Grande), Little Elobey (Elobey Chico), and Annobón (Pagalu). The capital is Malabo, on the island of Bioko.

Equatorial Guinea is the only country on the African continent that has Spanish as its main language. It has previously been a Spanish colony on two occasions and the Spanish language remains very important to it. It is the smallest African country, by land area, to be a member of the United Nations and is arguably the richest country in Africa due to is minerals and oil.

Equatorial Guinea’s total population was 1.47 million in January 2022.

Tourists come to the country’s island beaches and Monte Alen National Park. The park’s thick tropical rainforest is home to gorillas, chimpanzees, and hundreds of species of unique birds.

The Economy that Drives Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea’s economy traditionally centred around cocoa, coffee and timber. Since the 1980’s however there has been a rapid shift towards petroleum and natural gas which now represents 80% of the country’s, Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Why a New School in Equatorial Guinea?

The people of Equatorial Guinea aspire to make a difference in their own community and the global world beyond it. They want their next generation of children to be strong independent leaders with a foundation of good character, values and personality traits.

A new school set to open in September 2022, Royal International College sets out to achieve that. It will be located in the capital city of Malabo, led by the GSE leadership team.

The mission brief is quite simple:

“Together we will create a school that prepares children for a rapidly changing world. It is a new world that requires children to be globally-minded, critical thinkers. We need children to be academically smart but also to be able to apply their knowledge in real-world contexts.
The school will have outstanding teachers who put children at the centre of all they do. We will create a close community that welcomes genuine connections between school management, teachers, and
families and I look forward to meeting all of our wonderful families to help ensure the pathways forward for our children are the very best they can be.”

Greg Parry CEO and Co-Founder

Royal International College aims to offer both International Baccalaureate and Cambridge UK Programs. It will be the first school in the country to offer either of these programs. It will be a premium school with excellent teachers delivering the very highest in academic standards.

The school will have a very strong focus on extra curricular programs with an aim to foster a future generation that builds talents and leadership in the Arts, a future entertainment industry for EG, strong sporting prowess, community leadership and a focus on humanitarianism. Pathways will develop both men and women equitably as well as academic pathways in broader areas like medicine, health, the sciences and liberal arts.

The country currently has a main focus on natural resources like minerals and oil but it also needs to develop other industries led by talents fostered through the current and next generation of children.

International Education in Africa

It is very clear that international education is expanding across the countries of Africa based on a demand for something different. Higher standards are important as are modern best practice and teaching approaches but also a strong connection to the traditional values of its people.

“We believe that an approach that is important for countries such as Equatorial Guinea who embrace international education is that it is not a replacement of the old but in fact a return to the values of the past that we know have always worked. Notable African values include the centrality of family practice, very hard work and a healthy respect for senior members of its community. They believe in an extended family system, religion, a value in language and local culture. EG children should reflect these values. They should invest in their country, continent and proudly display their rich heritage. It is through these lenses that the next generation will truly make a difference.”

Shanna Parry – Director and Co-Founder

We want children to choose an international education in Equatorial Guinea that allows them to stay close to their families, foster a value in heritage and culture as well as participate in the very highest standards of international education. Great teachers, high standards and excellent facilities.

Families of Equatorial Guinea should have a choice to educate their children in their own home country rather than considering to send their children abroad.

Facilities for a New School In Equatorial Guinea

Most schools on the African continent do not have high quality, premium facilities. Children in Equatorial Guinea should have access to excellent facilities.

Facilities are nearly finished at Royal International College, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Royal International College boasts:

Great Academic Facilities:

x20 Classrooms
x1 Science Lab (Aula Química y Física)
x1 Computer Lab (Aula Ordenadores)
x1 Music/Drama Room (Sala Actos)
x1 Reading Room (Sala Lectura)

A boarding house with:

x84 Bedrooms

x2 Library

x4 Activity Room


Kitchen & Cafeteria

Swimming Pool

Nurse’s Office & Infirmary

Staff Boarding

Football Field

Basketball & Tennis

Progress so far at Royal International College, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

“We expect that families are really going to be amazed by the facilities. They are quite extraordinary and they are at a standard that has never been seen before in a school in the region. Our football field is something that even Emilio Nsue, Felipe Ovono or Sadio Mane would be proud to train and play on.

We will have start of the art classrooms and education technology that ensures students have access to the very best learning tools and an education environment that families can be proud of.”

Duncan Douglas – Director

For further details about the school please contact Duncan Douglas directly through the school or follow the social media links.



School Website

A number of foundation vacancies exist. Contact us for job opportunities through the website.

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