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A Market Research & Feasibility Study, including a financial model and business plan, is one of the first and most essential steps when it comes to setting up a new school. Making assumptions can be expensive and decisions could be made that don’t match the research. They can be made on a hunch or a wild dream therefore a comprehensive study will minimise risk and also maximise your chances of success. Even if it is already clear that the school will go ahead, this research will influence many decisions in the set up process.

Our studies range from “back of the envelope” estimates to comprehensive reports of 200-250 pages used by private equity and investment groups. Whatever your needs might be it is important to research and plan carefully.

We will look into Competitive Analysis in a little more detail below but the following represents some, certainly not all, of what needs to be in a Market Research & Feasibility Study:

Vision and Mission – “The Voice”

It might seem like this is just a generic message on a feature wall that the marketing department came up with in a meeting, but actually these statements are invaluable and come to our attention in the Market Research & Feasibility Study. At GSE we describe this step as finding the schools unique “voice”. The voice needs to clear and that all decision made in the school such as design, curriculum and choice of staff reflect this unique plan. Imagine looking 20 years into the future when graduates come back and share stories of the great times. How will they describe the school? What was unique? Why is it different to another school?

The Market

It is very important to understand the market where you plan to launch a new school. Commonly people make assumptions based on their own opinion of what parents value and what they want to happen, rather than a plan that is supported by clear evidence. GSE analyse market demands based on 3 tiers or segments. We analyse the greatest demand in each of these key areas and we match the business plan to it.We believe there is a school model for all and in any context but frequently the dream can get in the road of a great strategic plan. Different cultural factors also apply in unique markets. What parents want, what they need, market and economic forces, as well as the functional logistics of each curriculum, all need to be considered.


This plan will be determined when you create your financial plan. The ratios of staff to students, as well as, your support and administration staff must be calculated carefully due to the fact that as the school grows these ratios will become more efficient. There are many ways to recruit with varying levels of costs associated and you will get what you pay for. Be aware that as a new school you are marketing yourself to new staff, not just students. Make sure you build a great website and promote yourself to this audience.

Financial Planning

For both non-profit and for-profit schools it is necessary to have a comprehensive business plan that outlines a sound financial strategy that encompasses both short and long term. At GSE, our Market Research & Feasibility Studies come together with a comprehensive 10-year plan that identifies break even point, first year of profit, and where the school should be after 10 years whilst allowing the facility to reach a sound financial position.

Have you considered:

Financing & Growth Strategy

Capital Requirements

Financial Strategy

Risk Analysis

Financial Plan

10-Year Budget Plan Revenue Model

Expense Assumption

Income & Expense Estimates

Competitive Analysis

A Competitive Analysis allows us to identify competition, find the gaps in the market, as well as to understand what other schools do well. Done correctly, a Competitive Analysis will churn out plenty of quantitative and qualitative data that allows us to back up business decisions. It can help:

  • Develop and/or validate your identified Unique Selling Points.
  • Ensure your school also focusses on the aspects of competitors’ that their parents value the most.
  • Capitalise on competitors’ weaknesses parents complain about.
  • Get benchmarks to measure your future growth against.
  • Uncover market segments that aren’t fully served by other schools but is needed by students and parents.

GSE will often compare about 10 other schools in a competitive analysis. In reality it actually depends what city and country you are in. For example, in Kuala Lumpur, you may need to compare a higher number of schools due to the saturated market. In developing countries such as Myanmar or Cambodia, this number may well be lower.

Feasibility Study

So what should be measured? Obvious aspects such as price, curriculum, % of local vs foreign teachers, social media channels and even reviews from parents and many more points that you can find here!

There are many other steps that go into setting up a school and that are contained in a Market Research & Feasibility Study that can be found here in our more specific blog. Contact Us directly for a video conference to learn even more about how GSE tailors a plan to the needs of the owner and the market.

What are GSE studies and reports like?

“Our reports range from 50 – 250 pages in length. They are professional documents used by anyone from the small investor through to private equity investors and family offices.”

“Our clients have included some of the largest names in the education investment space.”

“Our financial models are the best in the industry. More than 10 years of operating schools and understanding the investment side of the education business has meant that our advice and strategic panning is trusted by global investment leaders.”

Why did GSE first begin offering this invaluable service

For more than 10 years some of the world’s largest investment groups have been seeking out GSE leaders’ advice on market trends and analysis. GSE is where the market investment leaders go to if they want to know what is happening and what will happen next, in all major regions. We decided to unlock this vault of information for school investors and operators.

We want schools to succeed and they will only do so with thorough and comprehensive planning. We don’t just find and share data. We are education experts so data comes to life in real conversations and real plans that make new schools succeed. GSE create a business plan with credible arguments that support clear vision and mission.

Strategic plans need to be well supported by experts in the industry.

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