a graph showing an upward trend: a relation to increased enrolment

There are several factors that affect whether or not a school will increase enrolment. Have you ever sat there wondering why one school has increased enrolment whilst others do not?

Here are factors that contribute to enrolment growth or decline at a school:


The vision, drive and personality of the leadership (this is School Management, Principals or Heads of School, even owners) will affect the enrolment. Many leadership gurus believe that leadership is the pivotal force behind the success of an organisation. The same is true in international education.

Showing Leadership. A key factor to increased enrolment
Quality School Experience

An important factor in school growth is the overall quality of the experience. Parents are investing a significant amount of their money to provide the very best education for their child/ren and due to this, they expect high quality. A high quality experience is vital and should be integrated throughout the school in order to increase enrolment.

Vision & School Improvement

It could be the addition of a new STEM lab or the construction of a state-of-the-art gymnasium or football field, vision and school improvement in strategic areas can have a hugely positive impact on enrolment growth.

Faculty & Staff

Teacher and staff should be the first connection that a family makes with your school. These educators will be the ones to teach and guide students. Should they deliver a high quality educational experience and personally connect with the students and family in a positive way, this experience will impact enrolment.

Parent Satisfaction

When parents are satisfied, there are at least two results that follow:

  1. Satisfied parents will lead to strong retention. A strong retention rate obviously leads to increased enrolment.
  2. Satisfied parents will tell their friends about your school. This is positive word-of-mouth working in your favour. The school will not be able to grow without parent satisfaction and positive word-of-mouth.

The experiences of parents, students, graduates, faculty and staff will fuel word-of-mouth, whether positive or negative, in the community. This will create a reputation, and word out on the street, about your school. This buzz and reputation in the community will affect increased enrolment.

Demographics, Location & Price

The local community demographics, the location of your school and the tuition fees will have a significant impact on enrolment. Can the families in your community afford the tuition price of your school? Are families in the community that support and in need of an international school for their children? When looking to grow, it is important to consider your demographics, location and price. Concerns with the economy and increased tuition rates in private schools, it is critical to examine pricing strategies with a view to future sustainability and increased enrolment.


One issue that schools are continually facing today is the increased competition from other schools. All types of school face a very competitive market. Besides competition with other international schools, international schools are working to increase quality by providing specialised opportunities and pathways.

Marketing & Enrolment Plan

It obvious that every school desiring enrolment growth needs to have a marketing and enrolment plan. With an intentional marketing and enrolment plan, schools are be able to implement specific strategies that will impact your school’s growth.

There are no doubt other factors that influence growth too, however these points have the greatest impact on increased enrolment at an international school.

What are the factors affecting enrolment growth at your school?

What do you need to do to increase enrolments and support your school’s growth?

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