Educational Institution in South Korea
education institution in South Korea

Someone who intends to operate an education institution in South Korea needs to be equipped with facilities in accordance with Article 8, and register by filling out the founders personal information, teaching process, list of instructors, teaching expenses, facilities, etc on the application form for establishment or operation of the school as prescribed by Presidential Decree.

Simply, this means to register with the Department of Education and get permission.


The process when registering the establishments operation with the Local Office of Education.

Reception ➔ Document Review (identity inquiry) ➔ Local Confirmation ➔ Payment ➔ Registration Issued


Checking of items in the following table.

Review ItemsReview MaterialsLaw
1Qualification of the Founder – making sure you don’t fall under the disqualification set in Article 9.– Criminal
– Crimes Inquiry
– Standard Checks
School Law Article 9
2Double Registration – making sure the new institution is not already registered or closed down previously.– Standard Checks
3Name – Making sure the name is not already on use.– Standard Checks
4Documents to Prove Building/Facilities – is there a valid contract with building owners such as rent or lease papers.– Check the LeaseSchool Law Enforcement Rules
Article 3 (2) 5
5Building Use – Is the building suitable? – Building Manager
– Standard Checks
Article 19 of the Building Act
And the same law
Article 14 of the Enforcement Decree
6Are there 3 or more floors – If the total area is 200m2 or more. 2 locations installed? Check for violations– Building ManagerArticle 49 of the Building Act
And the same law
Article 34 of the Enforcement Decree
7Teaching Processes & Facility/Equipment Standards – are the facilities appropriate for teaching.– Floor Plan
– Confirmation of Business Trip
Seoul City Ordinance
Article 3
8Fire Fighting Facilities – are they up to standard? Electrical Facilities – Safety Inspection Certificate– Certificate Complete
– Request for fire inspection
– Request for cooperation from KEPCO
School Law Article 8
9Hazardous Establishment – Article 5 of the School Act, Article 4 of the Enforcement Decree
Does it work?
– Confirmation of Business TripSchool Law Article 5
And the same law
Article 4 of the Enforcement Decree
10Policies – Are policies written correctly– PoliciesSchool Law Article 5
11Personnel – is the space per person appropriate?– Lecture room: 1 person or less per 1㎡
– Reading room: 0.8 or less per 1㎡
– Lab: Less than 1 person per 1.5㎡
– See Seoul City Ordinance
Seoul City Ordinance
Article 6


Complaint Handling; upon receipt of the petition, the DOE will go through the steps of document reviews, site visits and registration. The process may take up to 8 days.


Registration Certificate; Within one week after receiving notification from the DOE to get the registration card. At this time, bring license tax receipt paid to the bank and go to the Office of Education to collect.


Teacher Registration; teachers must visit and register with the Office for Education within 15 days of recruitment. They must take job registration application form, graduation certificate and criminal history checks.


Application For Business Registration Certificate; go to the tax office and apply with the school registration certificate you received. Attach it with representatives ID card and Lease.


Open; you can begin to operate your education institution in South Korea after the business registration certificate has been received.

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