Competitive Analysis

When clients come to GSE looking to build a school, or indeed take over another school, there are sometimes visions that don’t necessarily match the reality of the situation. One key aspect of a GSE Feasibility Study is the Competitive Analysis of rival schools within the vicinity. We look to compare a range of schools, report the negatives and to draw on the success stories of other schools. As exciting as building a big expensive tier 1 school is, in reality the market may not demand this.

Why should I do a Competitive Analysis?

A good Competitive Analysis allows us to not only identify competition but it allows us find the gaps in the market and also understand what other schools do well. Done properly, Competitive Analysis will give you plenty of quantitative and qualitative data to back up your own business decisions. Namely, it can help you:

  • Develop and/or validate your identified Unique Selling Points.
  • Ensure your school also focusses on the aspects of competitors’ that their parents value the most.
  • Capitalise on competitors’ weaknesses parents complain about.
  • Get benchmarks to measure your future growth against.
  • Uncover market segments that aren’t fully served by other schools but is needed by students and parents.

How many schools should be in my Competitive Analysis?

In a recent Competitive Analysis, GSE compared 10 schools. But in reality it depends what city and country you are in. For example, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, you may need to compare a higher number of schools due to the saturated market. In developing countries such as Myanmar or Cambodia, this number may well be lower.

What should I be measuring?

  • Year Established
  • Does the school have a Kindergarten?
  • Price
    • Grade 1
    • Grade 7
    • Grade 12/13
  • Distance / Location
  • Curriculum
  • Number of Students
  • Teachers
    • % Expatriates
    • % Locals
  • Social Media Channels
    • Facebook
    • YouTube
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
  • Website
    • URL
    • Clicks to find Fees
    • Clicks to find Facilities
    • Clicks to find Curriculum
    • Clicks to find Teachers
    • Website Checker Score
  • Google Review Score
  • Are they are realistic Rival?
    • Closest Metric
    • Why are they a rival?
    • Why are they not a rival?
Competitive Analysis

Now much of the above is quantitative data, but it must be noted that a significant amount of qualitative data can be gathered in this research phase. Reviews from parents and parent groups online can prove to be a useful source of insider knowledge that can help to bolster and confirm decisions.

Do I need a Facility Scan/Comparison?

The short answer is yes! A facility scan generally takes up a whole section in a GSE Feasibility Study alongside the Competitive Analysis. A facility scan allows us to see what other schools rank as a ‘showpiece’ and it enables us to identify what is and is not integral to include in the new school plans. To match what the other schools in the market are doing is one thing, however it’s worth considering strategies to excel or be unique in a particular area that no other school has adopted.

A Competitive Analysis will allow you to think up effective strategies to battle your competition and establish yourself in your target market.
By the end of the report our clients know what type of school is demanded by the market, whether that be a Tier 1,2 or 3 school. The research will determine this result.

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