Metaverse in Education

Metaverse in Education Centre of Excellence launched in Asia

In partnership with Asiatech Education Malaysia , Global Services in Education (GSE) is excited to announce the launch of a centre of excellence for K-12 Metaverse Development at Kingsgate International School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The centre will focus on a Metaverse in education campus design, the development and deployment of technology and unique applications for curriculum and learning. Asiatech Education, led by Eric Balan, is a leading edutech with the purpose of revolutionising and democratising education, research, and innovation. Kingsgate International school is very focussed on innovation and delivering a balance of conventional academic excellence with a futures driven outlook.

Metaverse in Education
Asiatech Education

Like almost anything new and cutting edge, the Metaverse in education can be quite hard to explain and understand.

CEO and Co-Founder of GSE, Greg Parry describes it as “a virtual or digital version of things we might do in real life. The difference is that because it is not real life we have the flexibility to adapt and expand, add features and opportunities that are not possible due to the logistics of space and time. Using blockchain technology it is not owned by anyone, as such, and connects to multiple platforms only limited by imagination. Teachers and students can become avatar characters and explore a virtual world that expands as teachers and students demand it.”

Kingsgate teacher David (Dai) John was previously unfamiliar with the technology but his first test pilot has proven the potential and has excited teachers and students.

“It took about a month of planning and preparation in deciding the subject, the topic, the number of students to onboard, and to be familiar with the meta environment.

David John who teaches mathematics became the first teacher to conduct a meta-class for Kingsgate. He is truly a meta-rockstar for utilising the various rooms on the Metaverse to teach a quantitative subject on a time graph.”

Metaverse in Education
Metaverse in Education Centre of Excellence – Kingsgate International School

Metaverse in Education Meeting

GSE, Asiatech and Kingsgate International School met last week to discuss next steps and the initial plans for roll out. The exciting discussion focussed on some important key principles for planning.

  • Teachers will be involved directly in the formation of new directions and projects. It is essential that they have buy in and determine the best ways to navigate and apply the new technology.
  • Teachers will create unique learning experiences that extend and enrich current curriculum delivery. Students will use the technology in class, during extra curriculum activities and outside the school.
  • Students will participate in and design Metaverse spaces. They will be the first generation to learn these unique skills and application of ground breaking technology as actual designers and developers.
  • Kingsgate school will be replicated in the Metaverse. We will create a Metaverse in education campus in the same image as the real campus but with unique features and connections to virtual technology.

Metaverse in Education
GSE, Kingsgate and Asiatech discussed plans for the launch of a Metaverse in Education Centre of Excellence

The opportunities for the Metaverse in Eduction are quite endless and in this school of excellence we will be exploring many cutting edge initiatives. Metaclassrooms, Metalibrary, Metalabs, areas that will incorporate the social element of a cafeteria, common hangout spaces, an interactive Metagame space. We will even experiment with tradable tokens inside the Kingsgate Metaverse. The token has the potential to facilitate tuition fees payment, salary, cafeteria, and many areas. It would be exchangeable at given and approved rates.

Kingsgate will also negotiate a “social” system in the Metaverse to ensure safety for everyone. The ethics, values and privacy management are very important areas to explore in these early phases of an as yet not tested model.

The school of excellence is the first of its kind in Asia and aims to develop, test and expand the K-12 Metaverse in education vision.

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Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality (Curiscope)

Some typical applications in the Metaverse in education include:

Augmented Reality refers to a form of technology that expands the real physical world. If I am looking at a street, for example, the technology may give me more information, such as names of restaurants, landmarks or descriptions. It lets people superimpose digital content (images, sounds, text) over a real-world environment. Using a “virtual tours” option, students and parents could view the school or classroom from the comfort of their desktop computer or mobile device but they could also learn new information and access resources as if they were there in person. Some educational technology exists where children can wear a special tshirt that allows them to learn about the human body through augmented reality exploring the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems with fully immersive 360 video. For example Curiscope. These same types of technologies can be applied in the Metaverse.

Lifelogging is something most of us a very familiar with. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram are very popular but these types of records can also utilise biometric information stored through wearable devices in the medical field. Polar heart rate monitors and Strava exercise loggers do this very well. This is also a kind of lifelogging. The Classting artificial intelligence (AI) system in Korea is an online class community application. Students are able to solve test questions in accordance with their learning ability levels, and watch personalised video lectures through a display screen of the robot. Through its vision system, it is capable of recognising student’s faces for communication and it analyses students’ learning achievements and provides customised learning by level in all subjects. By using the Metaverse as a platform we can connect children to many of these unique technologies.

Metaverse in Education
Life logging has important applications for the Metaverse

The Mirror World literally duplicates the real world in a digital form. The best-known example of a mirror world is Google Earth which is a geographic information system (GIS). GIS systems capture, store, analyse and manage data and associated attributes that are spatially referenced to the Earth. In education this can translate to “digital laboratories” and “virtual educational spaces” created in various mirror worlds. In many ways video conferencing systems such as Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, and Teams replaced classrooms during the pandemic. Using Metaverse applications we can create far more sophisticated and interactive spaces.

Metaverse in Education
Digital Science Labs can appear in the Metaverse

Virtual Reality in the Metaverse is a new space, cultural background, characters, and institutions that are designed differently from those in reality. The avatar that acts on behalf of the user explores a virtual space with AI characters then communicates with other participants. A teacher can select a classroom, open a room, invite students, and interact with each other by voice or message in a virtual world. Various activities such as games and educational role-plays can be performed. It can also include an exchange of virtual currencies for task completion or to purchase new resources. A games based example of this is Roblox. This type of model can be replicated for educational purposes.

Metaverse in Education

Our view is that the Metaverse can be created as a space in which the real world is augmented by virtual reality. The Metaverse can be seen as “extension” and “connection place”. It is another way for students to explore learning.

GSE, Asiatech Education and Kingsgate International school aims to be the industry leader in this space, bringing future driven technology and innovation to the world.

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Considered one of the premier experts in his profession, Greg has trained teachers and principals throughout the world in areas such as critical thinking, language development and leadership. His expertise in school start up projects, leadership and curriculum development, has made him a sought after authority in these disciplines.

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