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Leadership Development Programs Delivered by Experienced International Leaders


At Global Services in Education GSE, our Global Leadership Program (GLP) is designed to offer a flexible, context-based, learning program that develops leadership skills and supports career development within complex international environments.

Within the GLP program framework, there are 11 modules for you to choose from. From there we highly customise the program to suit your needs. Your choice of modules may be based on either your interest in a particular subject matter or your priority to target key areas of organisational performance.

  • Authentic Leadership – Character, values and integrity that maximises performance

  • Strategic Thinking – Thinking and planning ahead of the game

  • Communication – Making a difference on both ends of a communication pathway

  • Interpersonal Skills – How to win with colleagues and partnerships

  • Leading Ethical Systems – Developing an organisational culture that brings results

  • Managing Stakeholder – Relationships – The extended team and how to engage and improve it

  • Leading Self and Others – A personalised plan that influences all

  • Making Decisions with Data – Data-driven decisions that deliver high performance

  • Leading for High Performance – Defining and delivering quality

  • Building Leadership Capacity – Creating a culture that accelerates success

  • Managing Staff Performance  – Dealing with poor performance

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Greg Parry is the CEO and Co-Founder of Global Services in Education (GSE).

He is from Queensland, Australia and enjoyed a long career in the education, training and development industry.

A truly Global leader, Greg has travelled to 59 different countries of the world and led professional education and training projects in 12 countries across the corporate sector and several industries.

A specialist in leadership, organisational culture, change management and human behaviours, he has a reputation for developing people who can accelerate positive change in an organisation.

His expertise has been used for several international start ups and he remains an advisor to several companies in both the East and West looking to expand into other international regions.

Shanna Parry is the Senior Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Global Services in Education (GSE).

She is from the United States and, like Greg, has enjoyed a successful career in the education, training and development industry.

She has extensive experience managing human resources and developing leaders in different cultural contexts.

A specialist in educational leadership, she has pioneered, led and improved educational institutions across all sectors including universities.

In 2018 and 2019 Shanna was listed as a top 30 Global Guru in Education, recognising her contributions and leadership of education programs worldwide.

How Do We Deliver?

Our Signature Programs range from one-day to one-week programs as well as weekend retreats.

Most of our programs include a minimum of 10 participants; however, we also mentor leaders one-on-one. In addition to our Signature Programs, we also offer long-term development programs that include workplace audits, training programs and mentoring for long-term sustainable change. By choosing the relevant modules and us planning the program with your specific context and needs in mind, we deliver results; we deliver increased performance.


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