Finland is famous for being the “Happiest Country in the World”, as well as having the world’s best education system. They make children happy!

Have you considered what you can learn from a system that is being described by many as the world’s best?

Make Children Happy

According to the World Economic Forum Education 4.0 Framework, the four key skill sets that students should develop are:

  • Global citizenship
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Technology
  • Interpersonal skills

This simple four ingredient recipe is an important framework for schools aiming to meet the needs of current and future generations. Simple as a framework but obviously a challenge for schools unless they have a vision and mission that drives student development. Finnish curriculum and schools achieve this.

Dealing With Change

Change in our world is certainly a constant and the pace of change is not slowing. We know that our schools are currently preparing children for a world that has features that we cannot predict. By the time our youngest children graduate, complete tertiary study and begin their careers, the types of jobs that will exist seem almost impossible to plan for.

When we are developing schools to prepare for these challenges we know that education programs need to be focussed on being:

  • Future Ready
  • Personalised

Finnish curriculum and schools have these change values as a key priority

  • Competency-Based
  • Interdisciplinary

  • Purposeful
  • Mindful Wellbeing

Mindfulness in Finnish Schools

Above and beyond this we also know that children need to be balanced. We need to care about all areas of a student’s profile. We all know that mindfulness is a huge priority. A focus on mindfulness in schools gives teachers the means to guide children in ways that focus on them being present in the moment. Centred, balanced and in tune with life’s priorities. Mindfulness benefits children but it is also an invaluable priority for teachers. Finnish schools have a tremendous focus on mindfulness.

Make Children Happy

Let’s Focus on How to Make Children Happy!

We know from first hand experience that children who are happy are more healthy, they learn better, they display higher levels of emotional intelligence and are most often better behaved. Sadly however, when we talk about happiness in education we change these conversations into a focus on to speaking about emotional intelligence, self esteem, and anger management. These topics and terms are somehow more credible and tangible. It is important that we begin to prioritise the happiness of our children in our schools and link these concepts to spirituality, health, wellbeing and, in particular, to the empowerment of our children and young people, to make children happy.

So How Do Finnish Schools Focus on Developing Happiness?

In recent years, Finland has been highly ranked in multiple global reports and indexes. For example, Finland has been named the happiest country in the world for three years in a row (UN World Happiness Report), identified as the only country where students’ life satisfaction, as well as reading proficiency levels, are high (PISA 2018) and ranked as the 3rd best country in the world for the quality of life (Social Progress Index, 2020).

By training our brain through developing a greater level of awareness as well as using exercises to think in a happier, more optimistic, and more resilient way, we can effectively train our brains for happiness. New discoveries in the field of positive psychology show that physical health, psychological well-being, and physiological functioning are all improved by how we learn to “feel good” and how we make children happy. (Fredrickson B. L. 2000).

When happiness is a key focus then it is more likely to be achieved. Teachers have authentic and connected relationships with students for up to 1/3 of their day. What a great opportunity to make a genuine difference. Finnish schools focus on happiness.

Learn more about Finnish Curriculum and Schools – If you want to learn more about Finnish curriculum and schools we are excited to explore this topic with you as key partners.

“The curriculum values of being bold, of collaboration, of empowerment and of innovation certainly fits in well with us at Global Services in Education and displays an education philosophy representative of this modern and ever changing world in which children are growing up in. As many in the education environment are aware, the Finnish Curriculum is being praised the world over for its quality of education, and we are excited to help transform learning in new and existing schools around the world.”

Shanna Parry – GSE Senior Managing Partner

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