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Global Services in Education (GSE) has proven success setting up and operating international schools, kindergartens, vocational training and universities in many regions of the world. The GSE brand and VIRTUAL SCHOOL franchise reflects strength in management and best practice teaching and learning for all international contexts.

Starting a new virtual school can be challenging and it can take time to break even. It requires specialist expertise. Franchising provides an excellent opportunity to reduce your risk but increase the chance of success. By becoming a franchisee you will gain from the experiences of a company and education leaders who have a proven successful school and business model.


  • Lower Cost & Faster Growth
  • Track record of Success
  • Strong Brand Image
  • Training Programs
  • Ongoing Operational Support
  • Accreditation and Curriculum



International School Franchise

Globalised International Virtual Curriculum

A best practice curriculum including curriculum outlines, benchmarks, standards specifically framed for your unique cultural context. Our expertise includes all major curriculums and adaptations for integrating local and international programs.

Extensive Training: Preparing the Twenty-First Century Learner for Success

Training and support for the:  

  •   “   … implementation of the UbD Model
  •   “   … implementation of Virtual platforms (Google/Canvas)
  •   “    … implementation of Best Practices for Virtual Learning/Updates
  •   “    … teachers to learn effective infusion of interactive websites/Updates
  •   “    … teachers to learn effective infusion of SEL components in lesson planning and creation  *hybrid ?
  •   “    …  teachers to learn Google Tools and Extensions
  •   “    … teachers to learn how to create engaging lessons/lesson plan template and guide
  •  “    … students with organizational and time management skill building
  •  “    … students with Social, Emotional Learning in the virtual setting

Organizing and implementing the virtual or hybrid schedule

Ongoing Training & support

School Operation Manuals

Comprehensive documented policy and procedures, staff and handbooks, emergency plans and procedures, and a management operations manual that’s so comprehensive you’ll be running a great school in no time.

Complete Branding as a Virtual School Franchise

Setting up a Virtual School

We provide full branding identity guidelines including colours, imagery and fonts for both operational as well as marketing purposes. Our start-up guide includes full design elements for every classroom, furnishings, IT, administration and all equipment.

Website, Social Media and Marketing Support

Within 14 days we’ll have your online presence up and running. Your website and social media platforms will be ready to begin pre-marketing even while you are finalising your start up plan and logistics. We will host and maintain your website and either run your social media campaign or coach you along the way.

Technology Platform Design

Virtual School

When you set up a virtual school you need to design a model that is perfect and cost efficient. Virtual schools are very complex given the fact that you will operate from and to multiple locations


  • Curriculum Outline (ages 6 months to High School)
  • Benchmarks and standards including literacy, numeracy and all core subjects
  • Lesson plan templates and guidelines
  • Teacher Training for both education and support staff
  • Teacher Training Workshops
  • Management Software (3rd Party)
  • Annual Curriculum and Lesson Planning Updates
  • Operations Documents, Policies & Procedures, Emergency Plan, Staff Guides
  • Classroom Resource List
  • Procurement Resources
  • Classroom Layout Plans
  • Technology Platform Designs
  • Website, Emails, Social media set up
  • Marketing Resources Library
  • Guidance & Support from Academic Directors​​​​
  • Assistance with recruitment
  • Management Training
  • …….and other inclusions as required

GSE’s expertise in Virtual schooling, curriculum design and management includes an integration of “best of the best” approaches.

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