School Partnership Standards
GSE Standards are Global Educational Standards

We get an average of 4-5 enquiries each week from all corners of the globe. We respond to all but we don’t work with everyone. Here are our partnership standards.

We Prioritise Working with Good People

Partnering in education and business with good people is crucial for long-term success and sustainability. Good people bring integrity, trustworthiness, and ethical behaviour to the table, forming a solid foundation for a collaborative and positive working relationship. When business partners are fundamentally good individuals, there is a higher likelihood of open communication, shared values, and a commitment to mutual success. These qualities foster a healthy working environment, encouraging innovation, problem-solving, and adaptability. Good people also contribute to a positive company culture, which is essential for attracting and retaining top talent. Additionally, partnering with individuals who prioritize honesty and transparency helps mitigate the risks associated with unethical practices, legal issues, and reputational damage. In the complex landscape of business, aligning with good people not only promotes a harmonious partnership but also enhances the overall reputation and sustainability of the business in the eyes of customers, employees, and the broader community.

We sign contracts and we know they are important but what is even more important is the relationships that are created after the ink dries that demonstrate loyalty, commitment and honesty to each other.

Walking the walk without needing to refer to fine details or clauses is what we care for and what we look for.

Greg Parry – CEO

GSE Partners and Clients are Like-minded With Our Standards

If you have read some of our blogs (nearly 200) you will already have a fairly clear idea about what we think and believe. We are focussed on high standards of education and believe very strongly in vision and mission integrity. We believe that for-profit schools are successful if they focus on education quality long term and we believe non-profit schools are the same. We will consider setting up and operating schools, training and supporting education leadership in all major regions of the world. Any culture, context and location can potentially meet our criteria. We want to build trust, authenticity and high standards. We all just need to have a professional value system that is aligned to the same standards.

Here are some of our most popular international education resources that reflect our standards:

Contracts Versus Relationships and Standards

Of course we all care about contracts and all written agreements need to be sound and resilient. However, GSE always focus on integrity and personal relationships as our ultimate contract. When parties come together in a contract to achieve key outcomes the signed paper plays no role in delivery. Our honour, our ethics, our commitment to excellence and to do the extras build strong and determined relationships that are unbreakable. Both parties need to be committed to our shared handshake, verbal promises and common goals.

What About Costs?

Some clients consider us expensive, while others think our price positioning is too low. The truth is our largest project ever had a budget of $400 million USD and our smallest was an online school start up. With our mission being that we want to maximise impact in all corners of the globe by developing and supporting high quality education for all, we do our very best to work with every type of client. It is all about making a match philosophically as well as financially. You will get more than you think you paid for. We aim to under promise and over deliver on standards.

What About Curriculum Expertise and Standards?

We have worked with all major curriculums and many local curriculums. We have designed, delivered, managed and improved pedagogy is many different contexts to high standards.

Here are just a few curricular we have supported:

International Baccalaureate

UK Curriculum including Cambridge, EdExcel and we understand Oxford

US curriculum including AP Exams and a variety of partnership and accreditation models

Australian Curriculum

International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

In practice we almost always seek a “best of the best” approach to quality education. Each school commits to a curriculum plan and pathway but a GSE school embraces best practice, not exclusive to just one curriculum model.

What Locations Does GSE Operate In?

GSE operate in all major regions of the world. In some cases we place representatives in the location, in person, full time. Sometimes we coach, mentor and support from a distance. We have a model for all options. In fact we have led projects in more than 18 countries since we first launched 11 years ago. If we can work together and improve outcomes for children we will work there in a model that matches your needs, ours and the unique context.



United Arab Emirates


Equatorial Guinea


United States of America


East Timor


United Kingdom








Our Standards Transcend All Markets

Elite schools that cost more than $30,000 USD to attend and others that charge fees of $3000. GSE standards need to apply universally. We believe that all children should have equitable access to quality education and the standards of delivery need to match expectations of the market and the price families are paying. Far too often there is a contradiction between price point and perceived standards and there is an integrity gap in school models. GSE sets out to improve education for all and in all contexts.

What About School Governance and Standards?

Our GSE leadership team learn new things every day. We seek out self improvement and are very tough on ourselves to do and be better. School governors need to be open to change and self improvement. Teams are more effective when they acknowledge existing strengths and seek out feedback to improve. GSE becomes an extension of that team and together we need to have impact.

What Are GSE’s Most Popular Services? What Do Clients Ask For?

  1. Education Management (K-12, Kindergartens, Universities, Vocational Institutions)
  2. Market Research, Feasibility Studies and Business Planning (VERY POPULAR)
  3. School Design
  4. School Set Up
  5. School Improvement and Accreditation
  6. Teacher Training and Development
  7. School brands
  8. GSE school franchising

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GSE set up schools in all areas of the world

GSE seek to have impact in all areas

CEO and Education Expert Greg Parry

Greg Parry

Internationally renowned for his expertise in education leadership, Greg Parry’s vast experience includes leadership of projects for education institutions throughout Australia, the Middle East, the United States, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and China. Recognised for his numerous contributions in the education arena, Greg has received the Ministers Award for Excellence in School Leadership based on improvements in school performance and a range of successful principal training and leadership development programs, as well as the School of Excellence Award for Industry/School Partnerships and the School of Excellence Award for Technology Innovation. His company GSE (Global Services in Education) has been recognised as having the Best Global Brand in International Education in 2015 and 2016.

Considered one of the premier experts in his profession, Greg has trained teachers and principals throughout the world in areas such as critical thinking, language development and leadership. His expertise in school start up projects, leadership and curriculum development, has made him a sought after authority in these discipline.

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Global Services in Education set up and operate schools in all parts of the world. Governed by a philosophy of global citizenship, every member of the GSE team shares a passion to help shape international education and student achievement through inspiration and collaboration.
Our goal is to meet the highest objectives of every school, teacher, student and parent, with an unwavering dedication to quality education, shared ideals and intercultural perspectives.

– School Management
– Strategic Planning
– Feasibility Studies
– Architectural Conceptual Design
– Interior Design
– Resources

– ICT Planning
– Marketing
– Branding
– Admissions
– Staffing & Recruitment

– Curriculum Design
– School Policies
– School Audits & Action Plans
– Training & Development
– Accreditation & Licensing